Please watch the video below to see how to assemble your Emerson Ergonomics chair.
Included in the box are:
  • Chair backrest and base mechanism
  • 5 star base
  • 5 casters
  • gas cylinder
  • Head rest
  • 2 x screws
  • Allen key
To start flip the 5 star base and push the caster into the holes, pushing firmly.
Turn the base over and insert the gas cylinder into the centre insuring the narrow end is pointing upwards. Press down firmly to lock it in.
Take the chair base and position it so the mechanism is facing upwards.
Take the headrest position it in line with the screw holes at the top of the back rest. Insert the screws tightening using your Allen key.
Once the head rest is secured, take the base and connect it to the base mechanism, insuring the top of the gas cylinder is inserted into the bottom of the mechanism.
Carefully flip the chair up right.
Test the height adjustment mechanism is functioning properly by pressing the paddle shift underneath the right arm rest. If you find the height adjustment is unresponsive press down firmly on the base of the chair and try the test again.