If in the unlikely event, you come across any damaged, defective or missing parts, please let us know via our contact form. Please include photos of the area of concern and your order number. That way our helpful support team can do their best to help you with the issue.
Our limited 10 year warranty covers the following.
  • The product you purchased will be as described on our website and or through any promotional material you were contacted through.
  • Up to 10 years on all mechanical elements of the product.
The warranty period starts from the date you received your purchased product.
If in the unlikely situation that we are unable to fix a warranty failure, we will reimburse you the purchase price. This will be less the amount that is attributed to the use of the product before the issue was discovered.  

Emerson Ergonomics limited 10 year warranty does not cover the following:

  • General wear and tear.
  • Small deviations of the products from images posted due to natural occurring deviations in manufacture materials.
  • Incorrect assembly, or use in improper environmental conditions (high heat, high humidity, high salinity environments).
  • Use in any other than an office, domestic or private setting;
  • Contact with moisture or use in damp environments.
  • Failure to follow, or altering the aftercare instructions.
  • Damaged caused from transportation by the customer.
  • Any other causes/situations beyond our control.
Please follow the assembly guide and after care guide to avoid any issues with claiming the Limited Warranty. They are provided with your product and also available on our website.
What to do if you want to make a claim:
  • We require that you contact us with your warranty claims within 10 business days of noticing the defect. 
  • Please submit your warranty claims through our contact form or by contacting us at contact@emersonergonomics.com. 
  • A clear picture of the affected area or defect is necessary for claiming your warranty.
  • Emerson Ergonomics warranty service enables you to work on your own product. We will ship any replacement parts to you at no cost. We will also provide you with the required instructions for assembly.
  • Any replacements will be warranted until the end pf the original warranty period.
  • If we need you to ship back damaged or faulty parts to us, then we will make arrangements to pick these up at our expense.
  • If you would like us to repair or replace an item that is out of warranty, you will need to pay for all the costs of repair and replacement. 
Emerson Ergonomics reserves the final right in deciding if a warranty can be claimed.